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2006 Award-Nominated Short Fiction by Women

Thanks to calico_reaction for the encouragement. I'm doing this so that when people say "Well, what did women write worth mentioning in 2006 anyway?" there's something to point at.

I really do think it's in the short fiction area that the lack of female Hugo nominees this year is stunningly noticeable. Compiling this list I kept thinking "Wow, they didn't nominate that?" far more than I did with the novel list.

This is a list of short fiction nominated for the BSFA Award, the Nebula Award, the Crawford Award, and the Locus "recommended" list which has 20 nominees in each category. The Sturgeon Award hasn't listed nominees yet, and neither has the Locus Award actual shortlist. I'll try to update this. As the BSFA and the Tiptree don't split by length, I haven't even tried here.

Also, as the Locus list is by surname without first name, if I didn't recognise the name and/or know the gender it didn't make this list -- so if you know of any I missed, please tell me in comments and I'll add them.

ETA: Sturgeon, British Fantasy Society Award (BFSA)

"The Little Drummer Boy" Marion Arnott (BFSA)
"Where the Golden Apples Grow" Kage Baker (Locus)
"Sounding" Elizabeth Bear (BSFA Award)
"Wane" Elizabeth Bear (Locus)
"A Flight of Numbers, Fantastique Strange" Beth Bernobich (Locus)
"O Pioneer" Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff (Sidewise)
"What Used To Be Good Still Is" Emma Bull (Locus)
"Going Bad" Alison L. R. Davies (BFSA)
"The House on the Blighted Sea" Alyx Dellamonica (Locus)
"...the darkest evening of the year..." Candas Jane Dorsay (Locus)
"Killers" Carol Emshwiller (Locus)
"World of No Return" Carol Emshwiller (Locus)
In the Forest of Forgetting Theodora Goss, Collection. (Crawford Award Best First Book)
"Lessons With Miss Grey" Theodora Goss (Locus)
"The Saffron Gatherers" Elizabeth Hand (Locus)
"Bainbridge" Caitlin R. Kiernan (IHG)
"In the House of the Seven Librarians" Ellen Klages (Locus)
"Nano Comes to Clifford Falls" Nancy Kress (Locus)
"An Appropriate Pen" Dawn Knox (BFSA)
"A Fine Magic" Margo Lanagan (Locus)
"The Point of Roses" Margo Lanagan (BSFA Award, BFSA)
"Under Heaven, Over Hell" Margo Lanagan (Locus)
"Winkie" Margo Lanagan (Locus)
"Sundowner Sheila", Gwynplaine F MacIntyre (BFSA)
"Jack O'Lantern" Patricia McKillip (Locus)
"Hav of the Myrmidons" Jan Morris (Locus)
"4.44" Marie O'Regan (BFSA)
"Mirror Mere" Marie O’Regan (BFSA)
"Cut to the Chase" Marie O'Regan (BFSA)
"I'll Call You" Marie O'Regan (BFSA)
"In the Pines" Rosanne Rabinowitz (BFSA)
"The Christmas Witch" M. Rickert (Locus)
"Journey Into the Kingdom" M. Rickert (Nebula, Locus, IHG)
"Map of Dreams" M. Rickert (Locus)
Map of Dreams (Collection) M. Rickert (Winner: Crawford Award for Best First Book)
"You Have Never Been Here" M. Rickert (Locus, Sturgeon)
"Horse-Year Women" Michaela Roessner (Tiptree Honor)
"Ava Wrestles the Alligator" Karen Russell (Tiptree Honor)
"St. Lucy's Home for Girls Raised by Wolves" Karen Russell (Tiptree Honor)
"The Disappeared" Sarah Singleton (BFSA)
"An End To All Things" - Karina Sumner-Smith (Nebula)
"Leaves Of Glass" Lavie Tidhar (BFSA)
"101 Damnations" Liz Williams (BFSA)
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